ELLEDI (M) SDN.BHD, established since 1996, as Malaysian & Chinese partnership company. We begin from producing football shin guards in Malaysia, in adhere to market demand and our further expansion. In 2002 we invested manufacturing plant in China Shenzhen, expanded our production lines to produce more Football Shinguards, Goalkeeper Gloves, Motorcyclist Protectors and others Neoprene / Knee Protection items.

At present, we have 150 employees in Malaysia and 600 employees in China. Our factory in Malaysia is Walmart - approved and licensed manufacturer. Our factory also comply to Human Right Standard as requested by Reebok International. Furthermore, our China factory is  ISO 9000 certified. Our current maximum capacity for producing Shinguards / Motorcyclist Protector / Gloves / Neoprene is 3 million units per year.

At present  we are supplying football shin guards to Umbro, Diadora, Walmart, and others  leading International and regional sports brands in Europe, USA and  South Africa.
We did successfully develop and patented Hexagon Core structure Motorcyclist Protectors / Back Protectors for KNOX.

Elledi (M) Sdn.Bhd is more than an organization. It has a pool of talented individuals who continuously  overcome the challenges arise. We care about who we hire, because at Elledi (M) Sdn. Bhd, employees are our family units. We care about  what they do and we reward everyone to ensure they benefits from the overall results. We are creative individuals who strive  together as a unit and we value each other's talent and contributions.

With the existing global concerned of product and quality features and safety, we have been working closely with recognised testing laboratories for conducting and certification of our product from TUV, GERMANY, RICOTEST & NOCSAE standard and chemical testing to ensure no harmful substances in the material composition  that supply. The quality and superiority of the finished product, as well as competitive pricing are the basics that Elledi apart from its competitors. It also stands on its industrial proffesionalism, commitment, efficiency and team - oriented  staff members, to name a few. With 12 years experience at product development capability in protective equipment, material knowledge, and technical know how in plastic injection molding, as well as various  comprehensive production facilities.

We provide comprehensive services include :

     a)   Artwork and Design Presentations.
     b)   Range Plan , Product  and Packaging Proposal.
     c)   3D modelling and proto type sampling.
     d)   Experience in chemical testing and CE testing and certifications.
     e)   Flexibilities manufacturing and Logistical support.

Elledi is to provide top quality innovative  products in all area of sports. Based on our vast international experience, we have achieved a regional and global presence through effective communication, high quality customer services, product innovation and flexible manufacturing options. Today the organization  has market coverage of all  five continents. Elledi's excellent achievements in the protective equipment industry is led by a dynamic and visionary management team and supported by an experienced and professional technical and design team. As one of the  world's leading manufacturers of protective equipment for the sports industry, ELLEDI maintains it's esteemed customers base through reliability, honesty, integrity, and partner support.

Our aim remains to broaden our international customer base by offering our proffesional services to brand  and organization who require a friendly efficient and effective manufacturing partner.



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